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**PLEASE NOTE that this giveaway is for transgender/non-binary individuals only, and that it is not open for cisgender participants! (However, feel free to signal boost for your trans/nb followers!)**

Hello friends!! I am going to be doing a giveaway!! Huzzah!! 

What am I going to give you? WELL, that’s up to you! You will be able to win your choice of:




I will be choosing FOUR winners overall, and all four can choose which of the following they would like! I know that there are a million factors involved when transitioning, so hopefully this is a tiny step in making you feel more comfortable!

Here are some rules:

  • You must be comfortable giving out an address for shipping purposes.
  • Ask box must be open, or fan mail enabled.
  • Reblogs and likes both count.
  • You do NOT have to be following me, but if you do I’ll add another $10.00 to spend on anything else listed above.
  • I will cover shipping WORLDWIDE, so no worries about where you live!

This giveaway will end on October 3rd, 2014 at 4:00pm EST!!

Good luck! I love you all!



To show our appreciation for all of your support, we are hosting a Halloween themed contest! We are hosting early so the prize arrives for Halloween! :) We reached 2k on Facebook! Woot! <3

YOU WIN: One custom made Halloween themed collar/choker!


All you have to do is reblog this photo, no following required! 
Every reblog counts as an entry into a random draw!


Contest ends September 15th

Good luck Everyone! 


Tumblrgender - An umbrella term for all ‘genders’ coined on tumblr that makes 0 sense and has nothing to do with gender in the slightest. (see: gloomgender/frostgender/kingender/etc.)
aka "I have no fucking idea what a gender is so I’m just going to take this random description or personality trait and make it my ‘gender’ because its so fluffy and cute lol look how trans I am!! lol if u disagree u r a TRANSPHOBE TRUSCUM!!!"

Cissexism, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny in the MOGAI community…


Arielle Scarcella is someone who I’ve enjoyed following on youtube as well as facebook. I’ve always appreciated her insight on things.

That is, until today.

Arielle went into detail talking about her body, and her experience as a cis woman with boobs. I’m all for women talking about their bodies—its super important! Remember, I’m a fucking feminist. Women shouldn’t be told that their parts aren’t up for discussion, because they totally should be! But then she got this ask.


All this guy was trying to say was “generalizing boobs as feminine/feminism causes me and many other trans/nonbinary people dysphoria, can you please not generalize all boobs as feminine?” And somehow that’s policing her.

Just an FYI, that is NOT policing.

This is an example of what policing looks like: “I don’t want to hear about your lady parts” or “No one wants to hear about your lady parts so STFU”

Arielle can definitely say something along the lines of “my boobs are a symbol of my femininity and what feminism means to me”. That’s cool, its her belief and she has every right to it. And its fine she made a simple mistake, as long as she apologizes, corrects it, and learns from it. (And btw, she does none of those things.)

Giving people a heads up about what she’s going to talk about isn’t policing. Its just having consideration for her vast demographic of viewers. For christ sake, she’s even collaborated with FTMs in order to educate cis people on dysphoria! She KNOWS.

An example of what she could’ve said before her discussion about her boobs and what they mean to her:

"Hey just a heads up for anyone who experiences dysphoria, I’m going to be talking about my body and what it means to me!”

That would have been VERY sufficient. This way she would be able to speak her mind without causing people painful dysphoria by generalizing all breasts.

Unfortunately, Arielle went on to say even more disappointing things.


No one is saying how she should talk about her body! NO ONE. Just fucking warn people and let them know its your opinion about yourself! The fact that she went on to say “YOU’RE POLICING ME!! MALE PRIVILEGE!!” is incredibly GROSS and transmisogynistic. 

So, cis women or trans women with top dysphoria, who ask for her to warn them ahead of time are policing her with their male privilege?

And all this shit about “FEMININE isn’t an opinion or identity! Its a BIOLOGICAL thing!” WOW. Where do you get off?

Femininity and Masculinity, the combination of the two, or the lack of either are ALL identities and opinions, unique to the person experiencing them. How DARE you tell someone that their femininity is only achieved through genetics! Do you know how offensive that is to trans women? Or really ANYONE who identifies as feminine? Maybe even masculine cis women? HOW CRUEL.

This is IN FACT policing other people’s bodies and identities. You’re contradicting yourself Arielle!

Then she had the fucking GALL to post something written by a binarist truscum. 


WHO ARE YOU AS A CIS PERSON to police people on their transgenderedness? WHO ARE YOU to police other people’s bodies and identities? WHO ARE YOU to ignore the voices of your viewers? WHO ARE YOU to accuse people who are asking you to warn them before reading content in order to protect their mental health of policing you with their male privilege? WHO ARE YOU to deny my identity, that I’ve worked HARD to recognize and accept?

Just another cissexist, transphobic, binarist, ignorant, bigotted member of the MOGAI community. Yawn. Unfollowed.

Make your own underwear harness!


In case anyone was looking, here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own underwear harness

(and wow my legs have changed so much since I first posted this and I also use a much simpler harness that I made these days)


Here is a really simple way to make an otherwise overpriced harness. I figured it was just an o-ring sewn into a pair of pants, surely it was simple! I’ve been using this for playing and packing for the past month or so and it’s been pretty awesome.

So here’s a step-by-step guide.

You will need…


  • a pair of pants in your chosen syle/colour, they need to have at least some lyrca/elastene in them for stretchiness. They need to be a REALLY tight fit. I got mine from the “women’s” section cos they have smaller sizes and were more fitting to my needs.
  • An rubber o-ring. You can get these from a plumbing store, also they sell them on ebay from this shop. Make sure you get the right size for the diameter of your cock, it wants to be quite a tight fit.
  • Strong thread
  • Scissors
  • A needle
  • A small piece of soft material (optional)
  • Some small sewing skills

First off you want to cut a small slit just above the crotch, like shown…


It wants to be really just a small slit, not the same size as the o-ring. Now you want to place the o-ring on the inside of the underwear by the hole. You should be able to pull the material of the underwear over the o-ring and it will look like this


Now you want to sew around the o-ring so it is part of the underwear, it wants to be tight and you need to do a lot of stitches. Here’s an example of how it should look


When finished it should look like this


If you like you can sew a piece of material behind the o-ring. I did this because I didn’t like the feel of my packer against my skin, it was pretty sticky. Also it helps keep your cock in place when your playing. Make sure to leave enough space to insert your cock. My cock has quite a big base so I had to be wary of this when sewing on the piece of material. It looks like this…


And there you have it, an easy, very cheap harness! It holds my soft packer pretty well too…


I like to wear it under my boxers


I’ve tried quite a few overpriced harnesses, none of them have been as good as this one, sex is amazing now and it feels like the real deal, sometimes I forget that my cock isn’t attached. I can wear it all day long without it bothering me, or noticing that I was even wearing it. Now when I’m having sex and wanting to penetrate it is simply a case of switching my soft for my hard cock, it has made everything so much less awkward.

A list of things to do once I have top surgery


*Wear a tank top

*Walk around the house shirtless

*Go swimming

*Take a shower and be able to look down with my eyes open

*Enjoy not wearing a binder ever again

*Look in the mirror and finally not break down

*Enjoy the summer

*Be able to sit forward and not feel Them 

*Hug people i love without triggering my dysphoria

*Enjoy my ribs no longer hurting

*Find a shred of normalcy


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